Once Upon a Time... A unique World for Children

For many years, Vanessa Lipovitch a designer and a mother of two felt it was a shame to lose her children’s artwork and decided to immortalize their pieces by transforming them into meaningful household objects and fashionable accessories such as… A tech savvy and internet passionate Vanessa decided to set up her own e-shop to distribute her products…Pretty little names was born!

All her creations are handmade and embroidered and/or stenciled using natural and noble materials (linen or popelin...) almost exclusively.

The soft rugs are hand woven and crafted locally, using a unique design for each child's drawing.

Pretty Little Names will frequently collaborate with various designers, and together they will develop capsule collections of high-end handmade items, as seen through the eyes of children.


Fair trade 

A strict code of ethics is followed and Pretty Little Names’ products are produced equitably by adults only. Sewing schools students are involved in the project and are enabled to hone their skills by practicing their chosen trade on high quality creations.


Charity Donation

Pretty Little Names donate 50 bahts for every purchased product to the Orphanages.